KROHNE Autralia – Company History

Solutions to Australian industries

KROHNE has pioneered developments in flow, density and level instrumentation worlwide for over 80 years. For the last twenty years, KROHNE has been providing solutions to Australian industries through various representatives.

In 1997 KROHNE Australia Pty Ltd, a subsidiary of KROHNE AG was formed, to meet the demands and expectations of its customers and provide the very best in expertise and know how to Australian and Asia Pacific customers that KROHNE is renowned for worldwide.

Today KROHNE Australia has four offices across Australia with our Head Office based in Sydney. KROHNE's Sydney operation incorporates an impressive new service centre that allows testing and checking of all equipment and provides services to customers such as:

  • Electronics repair facility
  • Calibration & verification of equipment

Apart from offering expert advise on the vast and sometimes challenging flow & level applications, KROHNE Australia also has a close alignment with Smar, leaders in Fieldbus technology. Smar broadens the solutions that can be provided to customers with their smart temperature and pressure instruments.

Bringing you new innovations: KROHNE Australia  is the exclusive distributor and centre of excellence in Asia for Sonar flowmeter technology patented by CiDRA. This is the most exciting technology since the invention of the flowmeter and has a multitude of application success stories; where other measurement principles are not suitable.

 KROHNE Australia is now the exclusive distributor for BERTHOLD Technologies. KROHNE Australia's solutions now extend across a full range of flow and density measurement technology by providing nucleonic density measurement instruments. 

Process measurement is our world.