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SPS Nuremberg 2019 | KROHNE Australia

KROHNE @ SPS IPC Drives Nuremberg 2019

Visit KROHNE at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg 2018, 26.-28.Nov. booth 4A-441

At SPS 2019, KROHNE presents several innovations for the process industry


myDevice is a new tool suite tailored to the needs of users and operators of KROHNE process instrumentation. myDevice includes smart tools for the entire lifecycle of a measuring point
and allows for:

  • Simple and quick device commissioning
  • Field device verification incl. test reports
  • Monitoring and trend analysis
  • Convenient management of all device-specific assets
  • Online trainings and tutorial videos

Visit our booth to learn more about the advantages and get detailed information on all tools!

New OPTIFLEX portfolio

The new OPTIFLEX portfolio with 4 new guided radar (TDR) level transmitters:

  • OPTIFLEX 3200 for hygienic liquid applications in the food, beverage and pharmaceutical markets 
  • OPTIFLEX 6200 for solids from granulates to powders 
  • OPTIFLEX 7200 for general liquid and interface applications up to +250°C/ +482°F; 100 barg/ 1450 psig  
  • OPTIFLEX 8200 for liquids in the power, oil and gas industries, up to +315°C/ +599°F; 320 barg/ 4641 psig

Engineered Solutions

Engineered Solutions for process control and automation in various industries:

Turn-key solutions for specific applications – whether it be single measuring points or complex skids, we take over responsibility for the whole project lifecycle. Find all Solutions here.

Wireless communication

Engineered Solutions for process control and automation in various industries:

EGM Entrained Gas Management

  • Continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement over a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions
  • Indicate and maintain operation with 2-phase flows such as liquids mixed with gas, slurries with gases or highly viscous fluids with gas entrainments
  • See our complete EGM portfolio, including large line sizes as standard.

Our Team at SPS

Christian Fuchs ch.fuchs@krohne.com
Stefan Hörmann s.hoermann@krohne.com
Jochen Heckel j.heckel@krohne.com
Daniel Schmitz d.schmitz@krohne.com
Thomas Robel t.robel@krohne.com
Stefan Lenze s.lenze@krohne.com
Stefan Gawens s.gawens@krohne.com
Lothar Gellrich l.gellrich@krohne.com
Lars Lemke l.lemke@krohne.com
Axel Görsdorf a.goersdorf@krohne.com
Alexander Best a.best@krohne.com
Manuel Fischnaller m.fischnaller@krohne.com
Please get in contact with us!