Filling and Batching – Always the correct amount

Volumetric batching superior to optical

The vast number of different container designs and flexible shapes make volumetric batching superior to optical.



BATCHFLUX 5500 C is an electromagnetic flow-meter specially developed for volumetric filling machines. Its use ensures precise, repeatable portioning of liquids (including those containing carbon dioxide).It is the smallest batching meter available. It offers a high degree of precision, low power consumption and helps optimise the filling installation via an interface.

  • High precision and repeatable filling
  • Low power (< 3 W)
  • CIP/SIP (140°C or 285°F)
  • Ceramic measuring tube suitable for food, remains in shape and is vacuum-proof
  • For the precise filling of mineral water, coke, beer, fruit juices, etc.
  • For filling large quantities, we recommend OPTIFLUX 6000 (see Dosing and Mixing)



The Coriolis Mass Flow Meter with two parallel tubes for the common applications in food & beverage industry.

  • Optimized flow divider
  • Drainable, easy to clean
  • Optional heating jacket
  • For beer, yeast, juice, milk