Precise measurement for efficient Storage and Intermediate Storage

Precise measurement for efficient storage

Full control of raw materials requires continuous monitoring of the level in the storage tanks.

Continuous tank measurement is rapidly replacing simple level switches.

KROHNE offers time-tried level radar for non-contact measurement of liquids, as well as TDR for contact measurements of solids and for interface measurements, alongside a full range of conventional measuring devices.


Ultra-precise continuous contact measurements for volume, and/or interface for liquids and bulk solids.

  • Independent of pressure, temperature and density
  • Unaffected by dust, vapour and foam
  • CIP/SIP up to 150°C or 300°F
  • The alternative to capacitive level measurement, ultrasonic measurement and pressure transmitters
  • For methanol, peanut oil, rice


OPTIWAVE 3500 (80 GHz) – for liquids with hygienic requirements

This FMCW radar level transmitter for hygienic liquid applications is CIP/SIP suitable and offers a wide range of hygienic process connections. 

  • Flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna (no tank intrusion):
  • Extensive choice of hygienic process connections
  • ±2 mm; ±0.08” accuracy
  • Process conditions up to +150 °C; +302 °F, 25 barg; 362.6 psig


OPTIWAVE 6400 (24 GHz) – for solids

By combining high signal dynamics and FMCW radar technology, this market-entry radar device accurately and reliably measures the level of solids.

  • Proven PP or PTFE Drop antenna
  • Measuring distances up to 100 m; 328 ft
  • Extensive choice of process connections: thread ≥1” and flange ≥DN80; 3”
  • ±2 mm; ±0.08” accuracy
  • Process conditions up to +130 °C; +266 °F, 16 barg; 232 psig


OPTIWAVE 6500 (80 GHz) – for powders and dusty atmosphere

Thanks to the small beam angle of the Lens antenna, this powerful device handles high and narrow silos even in the presence of internal obstructions.

  • High dynamics for clear vision despite dusty conditions or low reflective media
  • Flush-mounted PEEK Lens antenna (no tank intrusion)
  • Extensive choice of process connections: threaded ≥1½” and
  • flange ≥DN50; 2”
  • ±2 mm; ±0.08” accuracy
  • Process conditions up to +150 °C; 302 °F, 40 barg; 580 psig


BM 500 Potentiometric liquid-level measuring device

Potentiometric level device for continous measuring levels in small vessels containing viscous, pasty or caking products.

  • Immune to deposits and foam
  • Level measurement from 50 mm or 2" upwards
  • Independent of product properties


OPTISWITCH 5000 series Vibration Level Switches

For monitoring the levels in containers.

  • Hygienic design
  • Function test in installed state
  • Overfill safety according to WHG


OPTISWITCH 6500/ 6600 Electromagnetic Level Switches

Transient time through the liquid changes as a function of the dielectric constant. Deposits, foam, and condensate are not detected.

  • Independent of location and vibration
  • No pipe blockages, no pressure drop


LS 7200 series Conductive Level Switces

The switch actuates if it comes into contact with the conductive liquid.

  • Precise switching point
  • Coating optional