Custody Transfer, compressor and pressure reduction stations in natural gas production

High accuracy custody transfer measurement

Large volumes of natural gas are transported using high pressure transmission pipelines, delivering to power plants, LNG liquefaction plants, large industrial users and city gates. Compressor stations along the pipeline maintain the flow, and the line pressure - at around 60bar: these stations normally use gas from the pipeline to power the compressor. If the gas is to be used in a local gas grid, the pressure would be reduced to around 8 bar at the city gate in a pressure regulating station.

  • High sensitivity monitoring of transmission pipelines
  • Batch tracking, scheduling and monitoring of pipeline tightness and lifetime stress
  • Retrofit onto existing pipelines or tailor-made technical solutions
  • Visualisation and monitoring of critical processes
  • Control of reporting, trends and alarm handling
  • Statistical evaluation of measurement data
  • Integration of flow computers, PLCs, supervisory computers and printers
  • Installation of single flow computers up to fully redundant cabinet
  • Complying with custody transfer requirements
  • Measurement of gas quality
  • Control of gas mixing process
  • High-accuracy measurement of gas volume and quality
  • Traceable to international standards
  • Complying with custody transfer requirements
  • Master/duty configuration with flowmeter diagnostics
  • Need for custody transfer certification
  • Transparent programming and easy to operate
  • High accuracy measurement of natural gas
  • Need for diagnostics to ensure measurement accuracy
  • Process control and compressor optimization
  • Probability of swirls and distortions due to compressor station
  • Recognize leaks and defective seals quickly to prevent compressor damage
  • Indication of the flow