18 Sep 2017

New large line size Coriolis mass flowmeters

  • OPTIMASS 6400 extended with sizes DN150/ 6" and DN200/ 8"
  • OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/ 16" four straight tube: highest capacity Coriolis flowmeter on the market
  • Bulk hydrocarbon loading and bunkering, LNG/cryogenic or high temperature applications

KROHNE introduces new large line size Coriolis mass flowmeters: OPTIMASS 6400 DN150/ 6" and DN200/ 8" (back right to left), and OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/ 16" (front)

KROHNE introduces new large line sizes as standard for its OPTIMASS series: for OPTIMASS 6400, diameters DN150/ 6" and DN200/ 8" have been added, and OPTIMASS 2400 is now available up to DN400/ 16".

Targeted at the oil & gas and petrochemical industries, typical applications for the new large line sizes include bulk hydrocarbon loading and bunkering, LNG/cryogenic or high temperature applications. They feature gas and liquid MID and OIML custody transfer approvals and compliance with API and AGA guidelines, SIL 2/3 functionality and NE 107 diagnostic functions.

While OPTIMASS 6400 DN150/ 6" and DN200/ 8" share the dual bent tube design of their smaller sizes, the OPTIMASS 2400 DN400/ 16" is a completely new design: the well-known dual straight tube has been extended to a four straight tube design for flow rates up to 4,600 t/h / 169,021 lb/min, making it the highest capacity Coriolis flowmeter on the market. Available in both Duplex and Super Duplex, it maintains the benefits of the straight tube design: low pressure loss, small installation envelope, support on the meter body, secondary containment, and immunity to crosstalk between meters installed in the same line. Accuracy is 0.1 % with a turndown of 20:1 and an optional 0.05 % “flat” accuracy with a turndown of 10:1. OPTIMASS 2400 is suitable for field proving with small volume prover, in-situ calibration verification and documentation with OPTICHECK verification tool is also possible.

The new large line sizes also feature Entrained Gas Management EGM, offering continuous and repeatable mass flow or density measurement over a wide range of gas fractions and complex flow conditions. The meters indicate and maintain operation with 2-phase flows such as liquids mixed with gas, slurries with gases or highly viscous fluids with gas entrainments.


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