System calibration & validation for metering control systems

KROHNE certified validation with full audit trail

  • Additional diagnostics and monitoring to achieve full performance of the system
  • Verification of the correct firmware and software versions and parameter settings
  • Alarm and error log review
  • Periodical inspection, including environmental and metrological certification

calibration validation metering control systems

During the validation of a metering control system, a KROHNE engineer will verify, amongst other items, whether all components are still sealed as per metrology requirements, that parameter settings have not changed, and that firm- and hardware versions are still as per certification. Also, event and alarm logs will be reviewed and any necessary corrective actions defined.

Usually validations are combined with a maintenance visit where analogue inputs are re-calibrated and data communication is tested, filters are cleaned or replaced and operational items such as CPU loadings are analysed.

Product highlights

  • Periodical validation of instrument seals, parameter settings and firmware and software versions
  • Review of alarm and event log with implementation of corrective actions where required
  • Delivery of validation certificate by KROHNE
  • Data analytics based on log data

Typical applications

  • Custody transfer metering systems and allocation measurement of crude oil, natural gas and chemical or industrial gases
  • Custody transfer measurement of refined products, LPG and (produced) water
  • Ship, truck and tanker loading and unloading
  • LACT measurements

Related solutions

Supervisory Control Cabinets

Complete solution for process control

  • Provides control of the metering system, including validation of field instrumentation
  • Installed in a safe area, typically in a control room or dedicated building
  • Supplied in combination with new metering systems, or for an upgrade to existing systems

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Modular flow control and data transfer cabinets

Basic flow control solution

  • Cost effective, modular metering control solution
  • Based on the SUMMIT 8800 flow computer
  • Installed in a safe area, typically in a control room

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Flow computing

Flow computer solution for the visualisation of measurements

  • Graphical representation of all measurements
  • Fully pre-configured and tested according to customer requirements
  • Different liquid and gas streams measured and displayed on a single flow computer

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Metering houses and shelters

Turnkey housing solution for the installation of electronic systems and cabinets on-site

  • A safe area for the installation of electronic equipment and cabinets
  • Integrated HVAC system where required
  • Local operator supervisory work station can be included

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Related services

Consultancy & engineering for metering control systems

Execution of new installations or upgrades and retrofits of existing systems

  • Cost effective engineering concepts tailored to the application and installation
  • From single flow computer to fully wired and pre-configured metering houses
  • Detailed design of instrumentation plus engineering & integration
  • Site survey and feasibility studies for specific process or technical requirements

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Start-up & commissioning for metering control systems

On-site support by dedicated KROHNE engineers

  • Installation supervision for on- and offshore metering control systems
  • Complete commissioning services to assure smooth operation in the field
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT) to verify the system is working as per end-user requirements

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Operation & maintenance for metering control systems

Operational support and scheduled maintenance

  • Maintenance contracts and service level agreements with guaranteed response and mobilisation times
  • Pre-defined service rates and response times
  • 24/7 Customer support and emergency helpdesk
  • Periodical health checks and software updates
  • Troubleshooting using a remote link or by an engineer on-site

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Training for metering control systems

Workshops and seminars for operators, engineers and maintenance staff

  • Basic principles of metering control systems
  • Customised to suit the specific requirements of the operator and the application
  • Training at one of our training locations or at client premises

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