Training for metering control systems

Workshops and seminars for operators, engineers and maintenance staff

  • Basic principles of metering control systems
  • Customised to suit the specific requirements of the operator and the application
  • Training at one of our training locations or at client premises

training metering control systems

The KROHNE metering control system team have gathered a lot of experience in the design of these systems for different duties and fluid conditions. Once a system has been designed and installed, these engineers are able to give training on the specific style of system in use, and can point out the particular areas where regular maintenance and performance checks are required.

KROHNE offers a variety of sessions to meet the training requirements of the dedicated personnel from its clients. Training starts from the basic introduction of metering control systems, handling, through to individual web-based workshops and expert trainings on-site. Each training session can be customised to the specific requirements of the application, and involves theoretical and also hands-on sessions.

Product highlights

  • Experienced with international trainings of multidisciplinary personnel on necessary skills required for a broad range of installations
  • From web-based trainings to extensive on-site workshops
  • Individual training sessions for operational, engineering and maintenance personnel
  • On-demand seminar sessions for specific topics

Typical applications

  • Custody transfer metering systems and allocation measurement of crude oil, natural gas and chemical or industrial gases
  • Custody transfer measurement of refined products, LPG and (produced) water
  • Ship, truck and tanker loading and unloading
  • LACT measurements

Related solutions

Supervisory Control Cabinets

Complete solution for process control

  • Provides control of the metering system, including validation of field instrumentation
  • Installed in a safe area, typically in a control room or dedicated building
  • Supplied in combination with new metering systems, or for an upgrade to existing systems

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Modular flow control and data transfer cabinets

Basic flow control solution

  • Cost effective, modular metering control solution
  • Based on the SUMMIT 8800 flow computer
  • Installed in a safe area, typically in a control room

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Flow computing

Flow computer solution for the visualisation of measurements

  • Graphical representation of all measurements
  • Fully pre-configured and tested according to customer requirements
  • Different liquid and gas streams measured and displayed on a single flow computer

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Metering houses and shelters

Turnkey housing solution for the installation of electronic systems and cabinets on-site

  • A safe area for the installation of electronic equipment and cabinets
  • Integrated HVAC system where required
  • Local operator supervisory work station can be included

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Related services

Consultancy & engineering for metering control systems

Execution of new installations or upgrades and retrofits of existing systems

  • Cost effective engineering concepts tailored to the application and installation
  • From single flow computer to fully wired and pre-configured metering houses
  • Detailed design of instrumentation plus engineering & integration
  • Site survey and feasibility studies for specific process or technical requirements

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Start-up & commissioning for metering control systems

On-site support by dedicated KROHNE engineers

  • Installation supervision for on- and offshore metering control systems
  • Complete commissioning services to assure smooth operation in the field
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT) to verify the system is working as per end-user requirements

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System calibration & validation for metering control systems

KROHNE certified validation with full audit trail

  • Additional diagnostics and monitoring to achieve full performance of the system
  • Verification of the correct firmware and software versions and parameter settings
  • Alarm and error log review
  • Periodical inspection, including environmental and metrological certification

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Operation & maintenance for metering control systems

Operational support and scheduled maintenance

  • Maintenance contracts and service level agreements with guaranteed response and mobilisation times
  • Pre-defined service rates and response times
  • 24/7 Customer support and emergency helpdesk
  • Periodical health checks and software updates
  • Troubleshooting using a remote link or by an engineer on-site

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