Modular flow control and data transfer cabinets

Basic flow control solution

  • Cost effective, modular metering control solution
  • Based on the SUMMIT 8800 flow computer
  • Installed in a safe area, typically in a control room

Flow control cabinet close up

A high pressure natural gas grid can have hundreds of transfer points where gas changes ownership, for example on delivery to large industrial users or to operators of city gates and domestic gas grids. At these transfer points the quantity, and sometimes the quality, of the natural gas needs to be accurately measured. KROHNE offers a modular control system to supervise this measurement and transfer the data to a central location, while maintaining high accuracy custody transfer standards and guaranteeing safe data communication.

KROHNE modular flow control and data transfer cabinets are built around the SUMMIT 8800 flow computer. Having a high quality and full colour touch screen, SUMMIT 8800 allows the operator to intuitively operate the metering control system, either from site or from a central control room. Due to the modular concept, up to six metering streams can be handled with a single cabinet and a single flow computer. The cabinets can be combined with any relevant 3rd party instrumentation.

The KROHNE expertise covers the entire design and manufacturing process, starting with a functional design specification, through detailed design, manufacturing and testing, up to commissioning in the field. After installation, KROHNE metering systems are supported by local offices or agents that are available in over 100 countries.


  • In-house KROHNE design, manufacturing and testing
  • Metering control cabinets are supplied fully wired, preconfigured and tested
  • Engineered to customer specification with customer preferred brands
  • In-house expertise to discuss custody transfer approvals with local metrology offices

Typical applications

  • Natural gas city gate applications
  • Natural gas delivery to large industrial customers
  • Interconnecting pipelines
  • Pipeline leak detection measurement


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Flow computer for custody transfer (CT) measurement

  • Cost effective solution due to modular hard- and software design
  • Full colour graphical touch screen for maximum process transparency
  • Easy operator access enabling time efficient maintenance
  • Automatic Performance Monitoring extends recalibration interval

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Custody transfer metering systems for crude oil and refined products

Metering solution for liquids

  • Based on ultrasonic, Coriolis, turbine or PD flowmeters
  • Covering the initial design phase through to on-site commissioning and training
  • Comprising flow metering skid, flow control, metering control cabinets, sampling and analyser systems, including all supervisory and validation software

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Custody transfer metering systems for gases

Metering solution for natural gas

  • Based on ultrasonic, Coriolis, turbine or DP flowmeters
  • From initial design phase up to on-site commissioning and training
  • Comprising flow metering skid, metering control cabinets, sampling and analyser systems, and all supervisory and validation software

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Custody transfer metering systems for LNG

Metering solution for liquefied natural gas

  • Based on ultrasonic or Coriolis cryogenic flow meters
  • From large scale ship (un)loading to bunkering and truck loading
  • Comprising flow metering skid, metering control cabinets, sampling and analyser systems, and all supervisory and validation software

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SynEnergy Supervisory and visualisation software

Solution for continuous process monitoring and reporting

  • HMI/SCADA software for measurement solutions
  • State of the art HTML5 secure web technology
  • Optimisation of operation results due to predictive maintenance
  • Easy integration into existing DCS and ERP networks

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CalSys Analyser Management software

Solution for analyser management and data acquisition (AMADAS)

  • Effective performance monitoring of quality measurement instruments (QMI)
  • Automated analyser validation and statistical process control
  • Complies with international standards and methods (ASTM D3764, ASTM D6299, OP 97-30425 etc.)
  • Increased availability of gas chromatographs and critical process analysers

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Related services

Consultancy & engineering for metering control systems

Execution of new installations or upgrades and retrofits of existing systems

  • Cost effective engineering concepts tailored to the application and installation
  • From single flow computer to fully wired and pre-configured metering houses
  • Detailed design of instrumentation plus engineering & integration
  • Site survey and feasibility studies for specific process or technical requirements

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Start-up & commissioning for metering control systems

On-site support by dedicated KROHNE engineers

  • Installation supervision for on- and offshore metering control systems
  • Complete commissioning services to assure smooth operation in the field
  • Site acceptance testing (SAT) to verify the system is working as per end-user requirements

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System calibration & validation for metering control systems

KROHNE certified validation with full audit trail

  • Additional diagnostics and monitoring to achieve full performance of the system
  • Verification of the correct firmware and software versions and parameter settings
  • Alarm and error log review
  • Periodical inspection, including environmental and metrological certification

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Operation & maintenance for metering control systems

Operational support and scheduled maintenance

  • Maintenance contracts and service level agreements with guaranteed response and mobilisation times
  • Pre-defined service rates and response times
  • 24/7 Customer support and emergency helpdesk
  • Periodical health checks and software updates
  • Troubleshooting using a remote link or by an engineer on-site

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Training for metering control systems

Workshops and seminars for operators, engineers and maintenance staff

  • Basic principles of metering control systems
  • Customised to suit the specific requirements of the operator and the application
  • Training at one of our training locations or at client premises

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